FISCHER Präzisions-Aneroidbarometer 103PM Rezension

Kürzlich erhielten wir von Michael Brown [USA] nachstehende Rezension zu unserem Flaggschiff 103PM. Unnötig zu sagen, dass wir uns über diese Bewertung und den Dank sehr gefreut haben:

„I purchased barometer 103pm serial # 3548 from starpath via ambient weather. I have waited many years to obtain a precision aneroid barometer and am pleased to report the instrument is spectacular in accuracy. I find the workmanship to be absolutely fantastic as well.

I wanted to contact you directly to express my thanks for producing such a fine instrument. I am very proud to own it and especially enjoy its design as well as the execution. Well done!

And again, thank you for producing such a fine instrument. Superior workmanship and design seems ever rarer in this world of mere consumables.
Please communicate my delight to your workers…they deserve praise for doing such a fine job. Again, thank you!!!“

Spezifikation des Barometers 103PM