New product: on table weather station

As not everybody wants to follow the trend to use the smartphone for everything in life we thought about creating something real and mechanical for your desk or sideboard.

Accepting this challenge, we set ourselves the goal of creating something special. Expressed in the material used, in the design as well as the implementation in the production.

We have placed our three measuring units barometer, hygrometer and thermometer in a rotatable acrylic glass cylinder and mounted it on a complex aluminum stand.

The available colours are gold and gold + silver.

To underline the special features of the new weather station, it can be ordered in an handmade wooden box.

First, we will offer this exclusive special edition exclusively in our online shop.

Fischer and “Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz”

As part of the monthly lecture series of the “Marketing-Club Chemnitz e.V.” the members and friends of the club have been invited to the Chemnitzer Kunstsammlungen on 06.03.2017.

The presentation entitled “Marketing der Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz” was presented by the Director-General of the House, Dr. Dr. phil. h.c. Ingrid Mössinger.

As a thank you and a sign of recognition to the speaker, she received a Wetterstation produced by FISCHER, “since not only pictures, but also the climate surrounding us contribute decisively to our well – being” so the words of André Grunewald, moderator of the evening.

Please follow the respective links for further information about the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz and the Marketing-Club Chemnitz.

Ambiente 2017

Also this year we did exhibit our known as well as new products at AMBIENTE in Frankfurt am Main.

We would like say thank you to all our visitors for the nice and interesting conversations and are looking forward to successful (ongoing) business partnerships with all of you.

Newspaper report about project in Saarbrücken

The magazin “Umweltmagazin Saar” reports about lokal environment protection in it’s issue 4/2016.

This time including (page 15): the project of the room climate stations for Kindergarden and elementary schools, at which the state capital Saarbrücken has equipped the main rooms with 500 FISCHER instruments on a special designed rigid foam board.

Vorstellung des Projektes Raumklimastation für KiTas und Grundschulen auf der internationalen Jahreskonferenz des Klima-Bündnis in Krems an der Donau

Introducing the project at the international annually conference hold by the climate alliance in Krems an der Donau 2016

“The main goal is an early education and understanding for environmental matters and a awareness for the meaning of environment protection. The furnishing of the kindergardens and schools shall bring that also to the smalles kids and get them used to take care about their surroundings on a playful way. Because of the design of the board the children get to know about their room climate even before they can read numbers and letters.” explains Claus Schrick, climate protection manager of the state capital Saarbrücken. After half a year he draws a positive balance and hope that other cities will follow his idea and copy that project.

Meanwhile it wasn’t a coincidence that Schrick used measurement instruments from FISCHER for the project: “Because of the mechanical and nearly maintenance-free instruments the educators don’t have to change batteries regularely and prevent additional waste.” the Diplom-Ingenieur Schrick says.


You will find the complete article (German only) in the archive of the organization BUND Saarland e.V. to download at “Schwerpunkt: Klimaschutz in Städten und Gemeinden” (pdf, 9 MB).

Technical details of the measurement instrument.


You want to realize a similar projekt yourself?
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The weather station COCKPIT (article number 1582-06) will be extended to a whole series with new developed on table instruments.


Through the lateral interlocking, the instruments can be combined to an individual weather station.


A click on the several pictures will lead you to the products in our catalogue with more pictures as well as the technical details.









Fischer hygro-thermometer again test winner

testsieger-fischerOnce again a measurement instrument from FISCHER got test winner. The consumer magazine has tested hygrometers. Winner of the test is the FISCHER 111.01T real-hair hygrometer with thermometer:
„The Fischer real-hair-hygrometer showed by far the most precise results.“


111.01T | Real-hair hygrometer mit thermometer

Für 111.01T_1For measurement outside as well as in areas with high humidity, real-hair hygrometers should be prefered. The specially treated human hair, that is used for the Fischer real-hair hygrometer 111.01T is temperature resistant (for a range of -35 till +65 °C) and reacts fast to changes of humidity.


•Measuring ranges: 10 till 100 % r.F. | -25 till +45 °C
•Accuracy: ± 3 % r.F. (20…100 % r.F.) | ± 2 K
•Graduation: 1 % r.F. | 1 °C

Housing stainless steel, diameter: 103 mm.

product spezifications

Masterpieces 2016 The most beautiful German manufactory products

The pre-Christmas exhibition (12 to 19 December 2016) in the Direktorenhaus Berlin shows new and rediscovered masterpieces from German manufactories.

Download2Our Manufactory of fine mechanical measurement instruments is represented by the LUFFT Weather Pillar, which was awarded in 2015 (product shortlist “Manufactory Product of the Year”).


Direktorenhaus Berlin

Hygrometer made by FISCHER test winner for mould prevention

In a long term test, the “Bundesverband Schimmelpilzsanierung” (federal association for mould removement and remediation) from Düsseldorf has tested houshold hygrometers for the usage for mould prevention.

They used analog as well as digital measument instruments which can be bought in normal stores. Two high professional instruments have been used as a reference.

We are proud that the result highlights an instrument made by FISCHER:

„The test winner for the analog instruments is the “Klimamesser” from LUFFT, with a deviation of 2,9 % and 0,3 °C.“
The test report (German only) is available at the homepage of the association.

More information about the instrument can be found online in our catalogue as well as shop.