BJDW – Beijing Design Week

Almost simultaneously with the participation in the INTERIOR LIFESTYLE CHINA (14 to 16 September 2017 in Shanghai), FISCHER has presented itself at the BJDW – Beijing Design Week.

The largest trade fair for design and creative industries in the Asian market took place from 21 September to 25 September 2017.

The participation was part of the Worldtour “Handmade in Germany 2017“.

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FISCHER Precision Aneroid Barometer 103PM  Review

We recently did get the following review of our flagship 103PM from Michael Brown [USA]. Needless to say that we were very happy about this review and the thanks:

„I purchased barometer 103pm serial # 3548 from starpath via ambient weather. I have waited many years to obtain a precision aneroid barometer and am pleased to report the instrument is spectacular in accuracy. I find the workmanship to be absolutely fantastic as well.

I wanted to contact you directly to express my thanks for producing such a fine instrument. I am very proud to own it and especially enjoy its design as well as the execution. Well done!

And again, thank you for producing such a fine instrument. Superior workmanship and design seems ever rarer in this world of mere consumables.
Please communicate my delight to your workers…they deserve praise for doing such a fine job. Again, thank you!!!“

Specification of the Barometer 103PM

METSTRADE 2017 Amsterdam

Last year’s participation in the METSTRADE in Amsterdam had not only exceeded our expectations, it was simply a great experience. Reason enough to present proven and new products to the decision makers of the water sports industry also in 2017 at “THE WORLD’S LARGEST MARINE EQUIPMENT TRADE SHOW”.

The FISCHER instruments will be presented at the booth 07.537.

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Handmade in Germany 2017

The exhibition “Handmade in Germany” shows masterpieces from 180 German manufacturers, artisans and designers. The international exhibition brings together a concentrated collection of contemporary quality production from Germany: precious and special things, which are manufactured in Germany, mainly by hand. FISCHER‘s precision mechanics and hand-made measuring instruments are also part of this exhibition.

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Masterpieces 2016 The most beautiful German manufactory products

The pre-Christmas exhibition (12 to 19 December 2016) in the Direktorenhaus Berlin shows new and rediscovered masterpieces from German manufactories.

Download2Our Manufactory of fine mechanical measurement instruments is represented by the LUFFT Weather Pillar, which was awarded in 2015 (product shortlist “Manufactory Product of the Year”).


Direktorenhaus Berlin

FISCHER ecofort hair hygrometer in use: Conservation of West African desert crocodiles

For years the ecofort GmbH Nidau (CH) familiar on the synthetic hair hygrometer from FISCHER. Now this hygrometer is used for the conservation of West African desert crocodiles:

The ecofort GmbH supports the efforts of Michel Ansermet (research associate of Aquatis, the formerly Vivrarium de Lausanne) to preserve the West African desert crocodiles from extinction. In Europe there are only 3 such crocos, in Lausanne is the only couple. While there were 1946 in Africa more than one million of them, today only 1,500 to 3,000 of these animals are counted.

Nature has done with the help of Michel Ansermet a miracle.
See for yourself:



Hygrometer: real or synthetic hair?

“Which hygrometers are the most precise, the ones with real or synthetic hair?“ Mr. Wolfgang Pech asked us.

The measurement accuracy of a hygrometer is not just influenced by the kind of hair which is used. It is much more important how good the humidity addicted length variation of the hair is transmitted to the needle. So you can’t say that real hair is always more or less precise than synthetic hair.

The decision which kind of hair will be used is depending of the operating site of the hygrometer:

FISCHER Echthaar-Hygrometer 111.01

FISCHER Echthaar-Hygrometer 111.01

Real hair hygrometers react really fast at humidity changes and are also good to use at low temperatures (operating area: -35 … +65 °C). They are the only mechanical hycrometers to be used senceful below 0 °C. Everything else would react way to sluggish. Indeed the indicator stability of a real hair hygrometer is just given if the hair regenerates regularly. For that it needs to be in high humidity. This is no problem with outside used hygrometers as the humidity during the night is naturarely high. In this case no maintenance is needed. At inhouse use that is not given why it is necessary to put the hygrometer into high humidity minimum once in three weeks. One method is the so called “humidity package”: Put the hygrometer in a warm and humid towel for at least 30 minutes. You could take it to the bathroom with you while taking a shower. Or leave it outside during night.

As the maintenance effort is relatively high, we suggest the use of an hygrometer with synthetic hair for indoor climate measurement. It also can be used at higher temperatures (normal 0 … 70 °C, but also up to 120 °C with special pretreatment, for example in saunas). The synthetic hair is free of maintenance effort, you don’t need to get it humid regularly. But we still recommend to do it ones or twice a year.

Real hair hygrometers are best for outdoor use and in places with regularly humidity. For indoor use one with synthetic hair would be better.

FISCHER thermometer 117.01 test winner at

testsieger-fischer 117.01After our real hair hygrometer 111.01T got test winner for hygrometers in June 2015, also our thermometer 117.01 got to win its cathegory in a test made by in October 2015. It was the onliest product with the rating “very good”.




117.01 Thermometer

117.01• Bimetal thermometer
• Range – 35 bis + 55 °C
• Accuracy ± 1 K
• Graduation 1 °C
• Stainless steel case, diameter 103 mm

Product specifications

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