FISCHER products in Saarbrücken for school and kindergarten

In a new project for climate and environment education, the city of Saarbrücken handed over 500 roomclimate hygrometers produced at FISCHER company in Drebach.

The purpose of the project is to start sensitization with environmental and climate problems as early as possible. “These things you discover, explore and appreciate when you are young, you protect as a matter of course later in life.” Caroline Sand, director of one of the kindergartens involved in the project mentioned.

More information (just in German) are given in a press release from the city of Saarbrücken.

young climate explorers in Saarbrücken

young climate explorers in Saarbrücken

Weather Station Cellarius

Italian design meets German measurement technology: Table weather station in a compact and linear design. The combination of materials gives the product a touch of refinement and originality.

340_M 2

The measuring instruments barometer, thermometer and hygrometer are framed in stainless steel. Diameter 160 mm, mineral glass cover. A guide with the most important weather rules is enclosed.

The support consists of methacrylate, chromed brass and lacquered MDF. With the possibility of manual rotation and inclination. Overall dimensions 24 x 31 x 31 cm.

340_M Part-3


FISCHER ecofort hair hygrometer in use: Conservation of West African desert crocodiles

For years the ecofort GmbH Nidau (CH) familiar on the synthetic hair hygrometer from FISCHER. Now this hygrometer is used for the conservation of West African desert crocodiles:

The ecofort GmbH supports the efforts of Michel Ansermet (research associate of Aquatis, the formerly Vivrarium de Lausanne) to preserve the West African desert crocodiles from extinction. In Europe there are only 3 such crocos, in Lausanne is the only couple. While there were 1946 in Africa more than one million of them, today only 1,500 to 3,000 of these animals are counted.

Nature has done with the help of Michel Ansermet a miracle.
See for yourself:



FISCHER as trophy sponsor at cabriolet rally through Saxony


On June 11th 110 teams will participate at the first “MOPO-Cabrio-Rallye” wich will be a 280 km long tour through Saxony.


“Feingerätebau K.Fischer GmbH” will be the sponsor for the trophies for winning teams and best teams of the special stages. 

We hope that this will be the start of a long lasting partnership between FISCHER and the motor sport community.


As we produce fine goods for weather and climate meassurement, most of the rally participants care about technical details and high quality products not only while talking about cars. 

For more information about the rally visit 



One of the honorary members of “Marketing-Club Chemnitz e.V.”, Matthias Müller (CEO of Volkswagen AG, board member of Porsche-Holding and chairman of the board at Audi) invited members and friends of the club to an exclusive visit of the Porsche production, the Porsche museum and its fine manufactury.


To show their appreciation for the invitation and the perfect organized day, the visitors brought a very special gift for Matthias Müller:

A clock in the design of a Porsche ventilatorA ventilator made of magnesium in a historical Porsche design with a clock with a dial with Porsche logo, arranged by Feingerätebau K. Fischer GmbH from Drebach in the Ore Mountains in Germany.
The ventilator itself and the wooden box are all produced in Saxony.

This unique item is definately a great gift for every Porsche enthusiast.

A detailed article (in German) can be found at the homepage of the “Marketing-Club Chemnitz e.V.”.

FISCHER Hair-hygrometer used by DWD

Also the most important German weather institute, the “Deutscher Wetterdienst” (DWD) uses FISCHER products, as you can see in this movie (at 3:09): Wetterlexikon: Messwiese und Wetterballon


The guy discribes the importance of a real hair hygrometer for the meassurement of the relative air humidity. While explaining different instruments in use at the test field Lindenberg, he shows the FISCHER Hair-Hygrometer 111.01.

AMBIENTE 2016 in Frankfurt

Also this year we had a booth at the AMBIENTE fair in Frankfurt. 

Ambiente 2016 2

With fresh painted walls and our well known living room design, we showed the already existing as well as the the new models. This year, the fair organization also put the carpet on the floors in our colours.

Ambiente 2016 3  Ambiente 2016 1





We would like to thank all our visitors for the interesting conversations and hope for continuously long time as well as new business partnerships.

FISCHER Thermometer 117.01: Test winner at

testsieger-fischer 117.01Since in June 2015 the FISCHER Real-hair hygrometer 111.01T with thermometer did win the hygrometers comparision from, in October 2015 also the FISCHER 117.01 thermometer got awarded as the best thermometer in the test. It was the onliest with with the rating VERY GOOD.

Test results

117.01 Thermometer

•Measuring range: – 35 bis + 55 °C
•Accuracy: ± 2 K
•Graduation: 1 °C
•Housing stainless steel, diameter 103 mm

Product specifications

FISCHER Hair hygrometer 111.01T: test winner at

The consumer magazine testsieger-fischer has tested hygrometers in June 2015. Winner of the test became the FISCHER 111.01T Real-hair hygrometer with thermometer:
“The best hygrometer for domestic use in our hygrometers comparison was made by FISCHER. Its measurement was very precise and easy to read.”

Test results

111.01T | Real-hair hygrometer mit thermometer

For 111.01T_1measurement outside as well as in areas with high humidity, real-hair hygrometers should be prefered. The specially treated human hair, that is used for the Fischer real-hair hygrometer 111.01T is temperature resistant (for a range of -35 till +65 °C) and reacts fast to changes of humidity.


•Measuring ranges: 10 bis 100 % r.F. | -25 bis +45 °C
•Accuracy: ± 3 % r.F. (20…100 % r.F.) | ± 2 K
•Graduation: 1 % r.F. | 1 °C

Housing stainless steel, diameter: 103 mm.

product spezifications

Annulment of insolvency proceedings

Dear Sir or Madame,

we inform you that, dated to 22.05.2015, Amtsgericht Chemnitz decided to annulment the insolvency proceedings against Feingerätebau K. Fischer GmbH. 

During the nearly 6 years of this process, we used the time to invest in new organizational structures with the result of a stable business. The result was a quote of 60% for our creditors. 

With the investment of ProInn Beteiligungen GmbH, Heidenau and some of our employees, FISCHER will stay independent and self-contained. The managing director ist Mr. Burken who has already been the interim manager for the last years. That helps to realize the plan to keep the company working continously. Besides that you will stay together with the known contacts. 

Please note that we got new bank accounts. 

We would like to thank you for the good cooperation and the shown trust in the past especially in that tough time. We are looking forward into an interesting and successful futer together with you. 


With the best regards

Rainer J. Burken

Managing director


Drebach, 26.05.2015